Searching for a streamlined payment processing solution that fits your business perfectly? That search is over. Introducing NP POS – the most robust yet flexible payment processor available today.

Accept and process payments. Manage your company at the speed of business today. Make critical decisions based on up-to-the-minute information. National Processing’s credit card processing and POS system delivers the flexibility, reliability, and power you require.

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Credit Card Processing for Businesses

As a business, you require so much more than just credit card processing. As a payment processor, National Processing understands the complexities large businesses face, such as handling inventory, managing staff, processing loyalty, and gift cards, providing online ordering capabilities across regional or even national borders, and so much more.

With a merchant account, you gain access to key tools that surface vital capabilities – manage your business, grow your customer base, and gain the competitive edge you need for sustainable growth and success.

Isn’t it time you had a solution designed for the unique challenges your organization faces? Learn more about National Processing and what sets us apart.

More Than Just Credit Card Processing

At National Processing, a merchant account provides you with more than just the ability to process customer credit cards. It’s a robust, end-to-end solution designed to address the key challenges your organization faces.

Say Goodbye to Inventory Management Woes

Struggling to manage inventory levels at various locations or within warehouses? NP POS provides granular controls that allow you to dig deep, reduce out-of-stocks, and deliver a better customer experience. Our system supports custom item images to help brand and display products, and we understand the need to keep online and retail prices separate.

We also designed our system with the knowledge that not all products fit neatly into preset categories – we make selling and stocking custom items simple. Track stock counts and get real-time alerts when levels drop, track ingredients/supplies used in the manufacturing process, and export all your information to QuickBooks or other software within your existing technology stack.

Transactions Done Right

Organizations need more than mere credit card processing capabilities. You need a payment processor that provides flexibility and supports multiple transaction types. At National Processing, we help your team move from transaction type to transaction type, seamlessly pivoting from consumer or corporate cards to PAX transactions, refunds, and more.

NP POS supports online transactions, bill splitting for food-service, bars, and similar industries, pre-authorization of purchases, customer tabs, and even handles discounts on category, item, or order levels. We also realize that, while unwanted, refunds are a fact of life, and designed our POS to make the process simple, even on a new card or with an online purchase.


Beyond Credit Card Processing

The ability to process credit cards is essential, but chances are good you use gift and/or loyalty cards to engage your audience. Processing those cards, applying discounts, tracking customer history – those can all be major challenges. We simplify things.

NP POS delivers vital capabilities, including processing gift cards, loyalty cards, and store cards. We make it easy to import gift cards and provide a point-based, highly customized solution for loyalty and rewards cards, including viewing customer history and adding notes to individual accounts to personalize the experience.

Apply discounts and loyalty points, accept gift cards, and more with the NP POS.

Empowering Your People

Regardless of your industry or niche, you can only be successful so long as your people can deliver a positive customer or client experience. We empower your people through innovative interface design elements and functionality. Our years of in-depth experience allow us to provide critical functionality that’s flexible enough to handle virtually any business’s needs.

Food service businesses will benefit from the restaurant table interface layout option, as well as order grouping and delivery management. Our system also supports tableside ordering for even greater flexibility and convenience.

The interface supports different item categories and provides in-depth reporting, custom menus, and more. The barcode scanner is fast and accurate, designed to work with built-in inventory control tools. For delis and other production-focused businesses, the weight scale and printer provide fast, accurate labeling capabilities (and the labels are designed for use with our proprietary barcode scanners for ease of use).

Manage Your Team

Beyond empowering your people, we also make it easy to manage your team through our POS system. We designed NP POS to improve staff management, security, and accountability, without adding yet more hurdles to your team’s day.

Staff must log in to the system with a custom 4-digit PIN – there is no access without a recognized PIN, preventing unauthorized use. Our system also helps you track which staff members take which actions, fostering better accountability, but also providing critical capabilities for sales and commission tracking, employee performance tracking, and so much more.

NP POS features customizable user permissions, ensuring that only employees who need access to specific features and functions have it. Time clock/time tracking capabilities, shift scheduling, and employee alerts and announcements round out our team management capabilities.

Example of employee time card.

Digital Is in Our DNA

National Processing POS is a groundbreaking, innovative payment processor. As such, we understand how challenging it can be to compete in an ever-evolving world. We provide physical and online credit card processing capabilities with your merchant account. However, this goes deeper than the ability to sell products online or process online returns – we integrate online capabilities in a wide range of ways.

For instance, our system remembers a customer’s previous orders and supports ordering again, and even integrates with your loyalty program. Restaurants can easily push online orders to their E800/kitchen printer. Service-based businesses, venues, and others can also take advantage of our native online booking capabilities.

Your Payment Processor of Choice

When it comes to choosing your POS and setting up a merchant account, you deserve flexibility, innovative features, and groundbreaking functionality. You’ll find that and more within NP POS. From credit card processing to online ordering, staff management, invoicing, and estimates, we deliver powerful functionality designed to accelerate business growth and address key challenges within your organization.

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